Pottery Shop of Zbynek Vostrak

Dear friends of handmade ceramics, welcome to the website of Zbynek Vostrak workshop specialized in manufacturing wheel-thrown ceramics. The product line includes especially kitchen equipment, such as plates, bowls, mugs, cans and pitchers, mugs, mugs, wine sets, whiskey sets, tea sets. Available are also flower pots, candlesticks and other decorative artifacts. A Mug with typical emblem of pottery Vostrak

The products are fired at temperatures between 1130 and 1250 °C. Carefully selected materials and years of experiences ensure high durability of the products. A consideration to ergonomics of intended use is applied when designing the artifacts. As a result our pottery is used in restaurants, wine pubs, cafés - simply anywhere the high requirements for design must be matched with long durability and flawless function.

All products comply with the hygienic and health protecting regulations imposed on materials and technologies related to food. Presented range of decors and shapes can be further customized according to your requirements.

Zbynek Vostrak

A mog combining coral glaze with graphite surface

Zbynek Vostrak finished his apprenticeship in Prague and short after the velvet revolution started his own pottery in the beginning 1990s. He supplies ceramics to selected pottery shops and regularly exhibits his products at fairs. Since the late 1990s his pottery collaborates with vocational school oriented to creative arts (SOU Podkovářská). The pottery provides regular practical training for their students.

Blue decors

A bowl with one of the most favoured blue design from the pottery Vostrak The products with blue decors have been for a long time our most demanded designs. The unobtrusively elegant design with time proven technologies stood the test of time. It indicates that many customers prefer moderate functional beauty over fancy designs.

Offer to restaurants

Part of the kitchen set for a restaurant We can supply complete sets of kitchenware and decorative artifacts for your restaurant or pub with the possibility of additional supplementing within the terms of bulk discounts. Our ceramics stands the high load of extensive use, meets the hygienic and health standards and can be washed in any type of dishwasher. The design can be customized to fit into the style of your facility.

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